Key to Organisation Pt.2 The Brain


My Favourite phrase of all Law School so far has to be “Your Brain is a Muscle Too!”, this means we need to treat it like a muscle, with Food, Nourishment and Relaxation, because if not we run the risk of doing ourselves harm.

Harvard Medical School recently released a list of 12 things we can all do to keep our Brains healthy.

I picked the main 4  to help you get started on your Healthy Brain Journey.

1 Mental Exercise and Stimulation; wether it be a Brain Trainer, a Sudoku Puzzle or Three levels in Candy Crush it allows the Brain to focus on something other than work.

Brain2 Physical Exercise both helps your brain and your heart. It relieves stress, Oxygenates the Brain and reduces the risk of such diseases like High Cholesterol and Diabetes (Type 2).

3 Food, is the thing that will change when you enlist in Law School , say Good bye to home cooked dinner and Hello three minute Ramen. In order to have a healthy Brain it’s recommended that you stay away from consuming a lot of Trans-fatty acids and other foods that are high in cholesterol. Instead it is recommended that you try to eat Green Veggies, Fortified Grains and Fish.

4 Friends, everything is easier when you have someone to help you through it, and to  avoid the help in a place like Law School is either; Very Brave or Very Stupid. The Harvard Medical Association also said that good friend and strong social ties are associated with lower blood pressure and longer life expectancies.

I hope you found this useful , and let me know in the comments down below how you think your Brain is doing compared to others.

Here’s the full link to the Article :


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