6 Uses for Flash cards

Flash 2

“O’ Flash card, O’ Flash Card … how I love you so.” – A quote by every good law student ever.

I have a deep loving for whichever person decided that a 4×6 or 5×3 piece of card could be turned into this great revision method as well as so much more… Here are my top 6 uses for flash cards.

1 Revision or Answer Cards; need to know or to remember how to structure that full mark answer …. write it on a flash card and attach it to the relevant section of your textbook.. just remember to take it out before your examinations!

2 Inspirational / Relevant Quotes “Survive Now, Cry Later”, “Teamwork makes the Dream Work.”, ” Eat, Sleep, Law.”, ” Well behaved Women rarely make history”  *Individual images can be found in the Gallery,

3 Memorising Key Words…

There’s always one teacher who uses a crap ton of Latin .. a language they obviously haven’t realised that you do not understand… Yet ! The easiest way to learn it is by testing yourself with flashcards.

The Latin on one side and your language of study on the other in my case it’s English.

4 Cases and their facts

The average caseload per subject for a first-year student of law is 250 cases per major subject (Criminal Law, Tort Law, Property Law, etc.) and for some people like myself, there is just no way on remembering all of them. It’s difficult to remember what I had for breakfast never mind the deciding judgment in R V White [1910]. The answer to your problems? Flash Cards of course.

Write the Case Name, Year and Reference or Citation on the Front and a summary of the important bits on the back; this includes Judgment, Verdict and a summary of the facts.

5 Book Marks

This one is pretty straightforward. Stick a flashcard in the crease by the centre bind with an inch or so sticking out of the top so you don’t lose your place in the book.

If you want to go one step further write the topic and page number just on the off chance that it does come loose from the book.

6 To – Do Lists

Write the things you need to do that day or that week and put it somewhere you’ll see it; stick it to the fridge or the bathroom mirror or even in your wallet or textbook and you will never leave something off the list ever again (*slight exaggeration).

I hope this helped, let me know your favourite uses in the comments below.


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