The 7 Pencil Cases of Law School

So in the midst of packing away for summer, I found A LOT of Stationery… When I say a lot I mean 6 pencil cases worth. This mass of stationery was screaming to be organised, so I organised it into 6 separate categories.

  1. The Shiny and New
  2. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  3. The Art Supplies
  4. The Heart of Highlighters
  5. The Stock Supplies
  6. The Teaching Supplies
  7. The Clips, Clamps and Spare Erasers

The Shiny and New

This is the one that contains all the expensive and Instagram-able stuff, and the stuff that you reach first for.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This is the bag full of pens that come out in during Exam Season, in Study Groups and those trusty Biro pens that have seen you through a lot of Late Night or All Nighter Sessions at the Library

The Art Supplies Case

This is the one for my more creative days, art projects, Bible Journalling, Stress Relief Colouring Books.

The Heart of Highlighters

If you ever need a Highlighter this is the case for you.

This is the case that I bring to every and any lesson that I teach, this is the bag that if any student needs a pen or pencil.

BIC Cristal Original Ballpoint Pens Black

BIC Matic ECOlutions 0.7mm Mechanical Pencils

The Teaching Supplies

This is the bag full of Board Markers and Red and Green Biro’s for marking for when I am teaching a Class, this is brought along with the Stock Supplies Case.

Staedtler Bullet Tip Dry Erase Board Markers Multicolour 6 Pack

Staedtler Chisel Tip Dry Erase Board Markers Multicolour 6 Pack

Dry Erase Board Marker Eraser (Magnetic ( 2 Pack))

The Clips, Clamps and Spare Erasers (The Everything but the Kitchen Sink Case)

Bulldog Clips


Staples and Stapler


Pencil Sharpeners

So this is a look into the scary but real world of Stationery as told by a slightly neurotic and OCD Law Student, Happy Packing !

Blessings and Regards



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