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I love having the ability to work on this Q&A collaboration with the one and only cerebellum chef, she is totally great to work with, an opportunity I was blessed with and forever grateful for. Check her version of this post here.

However for the two of us our Law School Experiences have been different, for one thing, An American Law school, studies American Law, An English Law School like mine, well it studies English Law. I study in a class of 8 16 hours of class time a week. finished by 4 two hour exams asking questions about 5 topics, of which we have to answer two.

These different approaches have led to some different answers from the same questions, once your finished here be sure to head on over to the cerebellum chef to read her answers to the questions.

  • Do you type or write your Law School Notes?
    For me it depends on the class, some lectures speak faster than I can type and other’s read straight from the powerpoint slides so I have the time to read the slide and type notes

  • What kind of Law do you intend on practising?
    Family Law Mediation

  • How do you study for a subject that you hate?
    It can be really hard knowing that you have to sit a two hour exam on a subject that you hate, however, this may not be the best advice to give but way I do personally is I find the easiest topic within the subject, for example in my second year of Law School I had the Subject of English Land Law ( often referred to at times as Property Law) and I hated everything about the subject from the room it was taught in to the readings, it was all one big mess by the time that exam season came around but, by answered prayers, the grace of God and sheer luck the two easiest components of English Land Law were on my exam… I learned those off by heart, there are still times that I wake up reciting the elements for an Easement by Necessity…

  • Will you be practising Law in the same City as your Law School?
    • I will not, only because my home is in another city than my Law school and I intend on living at home for both my masters and first few years of work, till I can put down a mortgage on a house.

  • Is your favourite subject to study, the subject you intend on practising?
    • No, I absolutely love the theoretical and jurisprudential aspects of criminal law but the physical realisation that if I were to practice criminal law, I would spend most of my life either in a court or in a police station interview room, well … it haunted me, and sometimes the things we think are going to work out can be the things that fall through first.

  • What’s the favourite class tool or online learning study aid/guide etc.?
    • I one of those weirdos that fall’s in love with the feeling and the smell of an Old Book, so the original Law Journals and Hansard are my go-to Study Aid.

  • What’s a difficult law school experience that you wish other students knew to prepare for?
    • There are a few things and this seemed to be the hardest to answer but if here’s a summary of my answer.
      • Realising that not everyone is the same heartless monster that wants to pursue whatever will make them the most money, is one of the hardest lessons I learnt, (don’t get me wrong they exist) is that not all law students are your stereotypical heartless money grabbing demons and that there are actual people who want to make changes to policy or to defend the defenceless.
      • Not everyone is straight out of school, some are mature with kids and grandkids, some have spouses and there are some who still go home on weekends to see their parents and get their laundry done for them.
      • Not everyone shares the same belief, just because you’re all studying the same law it doesn’t mean that everyone sees it the same, that’s why legal theories exist, that’s why we have jurisprudence (The theory of Law)
      • Not everyone works the same way there are some who start an assignment the day they get it and there are some that leave it till the last minute but they still get the same grade, just because it doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work for them.

  • How do you deal with stress in law school?
    • Honestly, I don’t, and if I do it’s not done very well…
    • Stress is a huge part of law school, I don’t care where you take law school how big or small your class is or how short or long your course is, law school is hard! and if it’s not … you’re either superhuman or doing something wrong. Stress is a must have of law school, if someone made an acrostic poem about law school the S would stand for stress. coping with stress is hard and sometimes it gets the better of us, but I have 3 main things I like to do to relieve stress.
      • Exercise / Meditate
      • Read and write: escape into a good novel or entertain the world by starting a blog
      • Do Nothing: a lazy Sunday or a Friday night at home it helps to just put on some music or Netflix and Nap.

  • What’s the best advice you’ve been given so far?
    • Teamwork makes the dream work. I preach it like it’s my job, no-one in this world has ever gone into law school and come out the other end being successful all on their own, whether its really kind roommates that are okay with you traipsing in a 4am with half the library’s worth of books or the best friend that wakes you up for those early lectures or your parents who facetime you every weekend to check that your ramen noodles and pop tart supply haven’t dropped too ridiculously low. Team works make the dream work

  • What drives you to keep grinding on down this law school path?
    • I have this fervent need to prove people wrong, people who made presumptions and people who told me that I wouldn’t survive.
    • I’m here at law school to tell them they are wrong, sometimes when people need to be proved wrong others will give in, I knew this girl, she dropped out of law school, and the lecturer made a joke or a passing remark made in humour about Blonde women being lawyers… so what did she do … she didn’t go to Harvard, no, she died it brown, she was a brunette, she hoped by some magic that this brown hair wouldn’t change her grades around.. spoiler alert hair dye is magic but the level needed to be a more like unshed unicorn tears than a box of L’Oreal 550. When people try and prove you wrong don’t back of and give up, instead accept the challenge and fight!


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