Weekly Brief: Stressing over a Semester that hasn’t even begun.

So I got an email from my Masters Course the other day, setting out some information. It also provided me with the Pre Course reading.

I have six hours worth of introductory lectures per subject . Not to mention course overview, and a rules and regulations overview that I had to read.

I find myself being overwhemlmed by a semester that hasn’t even begun yet.

Tell me I’m not the only one …


Published by

Briony J Shutt

My Name is Briony Shutt, I am Editor in Chief here at A Guide to Law School. I am 21 Years of Age with over 8 years of experience as a Blogger, Editor and Author and 5 Years experience in educational services. I am in my Second Year of full time Law School here at the University of Bedfordshire, here in rainy and cold old England, United Kingdom I decribe myslef as "psychologically unstable but good at my Job".

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