A Beginners Guide to Writers Block

Hey All, so I realised I haven’t posted in a while and I have been a little pre-occupied with getting ready for University and Law School and all of that good stuff.

At the same time I have also been working on some more relaxed projects, I have been writing a novel believe it or not, and after getting 38 chapters in I have figured out that your worst enemy is writer’s block.

so I decided to write not posted on what I’ve come up with Tactics are used to put over Writers Block because I know it isn’t just a me problem.

So I have come up with five main ideas to keep you on topic but to reset your mind

One: Change Location

Writing at the same desk day on end is not good for anyone, get out go to a coffee shop or a library or sit in your garden, but change your location, if you’re really lazy like me just turn 90 Degrees and even that will help.

Two: Change Perspective

When I get stuck on a plot line I work it backwards.I explore the backwards plot I go from the end to the beginning, where are we going, how are we getting there, rather than asking where are we and where have we been.

Three: Explore

Sometimes inspiration strikes at the oddest of times, read the same genre and figure out what you did and didn’t like and try to change them to your style to implement them into your work.

Four: Breathe

Take a deep breath, don’t panic. Writers block hits the best of authors, take it as a compliment.

Deadlines are important but so is your mental health.

Five: Work on the little bits

Its the little bits that really change the way you portray your characters or your plot line.

I often develop the character profile or the geographical profile to develop the character without working on the main piece.

I often work on the architectural aspects when I describe a house I like to know what I am describing so I build it in a online 3D Builder to give me a visual that I can better understand.


Sometimes changing one full stop to a comma can open up your mind to posibilities.

Follow these six hacks and your writers block will be on its way to being solved.

Comment Below what you do solve Writers Block.


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Briony J Shutt

My Name is Briony J Shutt. I am a Law Student and Survivor of Law School. I am passionate about Food, Naps, Law School and Jesus.

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