Uber’s, Missing Keys and Untouchable Statute Books

You know when you pack your bag for a lecture, jump in the car and drive, or in my case get driven by a 2.5 star uber driver that shall remain nameless, all whilst thinking that you have everything you need with you, only to realise that you left you locker keys somewhere, where is the question, but they are not in your bag, and your very important, vital and completely crucial statute book is in the said locker which is only opened by the key that you have left at home …..

Today is not my day… this is not my time, 2020 has a pretty crap start thus far… but it can only get better right.



Published by

Briony J Shutt

My Name is Briony J Shutt. I am a Law Student and Survivor of Law School. I am passionate about Food, Naps, Law School and Jesus.

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