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Hey everyone so, one of the many blessings that I have during quarantine is the amount of time I have to spend in the Word of GOD (a.k.a The Bible).

My current issue is that it’s not always that easy to spend time in the word, but in the meantime I have found three amazing tools that are doing amazing things for me in my quiet time and my hope is that it will do the same for you.

1 The Enduring Word Commentary by David Guzik

I can often find some commentaries overwhelming, but with the Enduring Word everything is set out so simply, with bullet points, which creates an easy step by step and verse by verse study pattern. What the best part about it is that its online and FREE

2 The Random Bibleizer by Spiffy Tech

Ever find yourself not knowing where to go in the Bible. I often find myself staring blindly at my bible in the hopes that the wind will blow it open to some prophetic verse that will change my world, but rarely does that ever happen, so instead I recently found the Bibleizer, a random book and chapter generator of the Bible, the great part about it is that it’s linked up to the You-version Bible App.

3 The Blue Letter Bible

So there are a few great options for Bible Apps available, and I will always have the You-Version Bible App as my go-to tool but I will always run to the Blue Letter Bible for my Greek and Hebrew Translations for Word Studies.

I hope that one if not all of these tools will give you some help in your quiet time.

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My Name is Briony J Shutt. I am a Law Student and Survivor of Law School. I am passionate about Food, Naps, Law School and Jesus.

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