Uber's, Missing Keys and Untouchable Statute Books

You know when you pack your bag for a lecture, jump in the car and drive, or in my case get driven by a 2.5 star uber driver that shall remain nameless, all whilst thinking that you have everything you need with you, only to realise that you left you locker keys somewhere, where is the question, but they are not in your bag, and your very important, vital and completely crucial statute book is in the said locker which is only opened by the key that you have left at home …..

Today is not my day… this is not my time, 2020 has a pretty crap start thus far… but it can only get better right.



Pray for Rain

It’s currently 02:30 in the morning and I cannot sleep, my phone is going crazy with heartbreaking updates from the Australia Wildfires which are currently devestating the Oceanic Continent.

So I had to take a moment to log on and let all of my Australian friends that I am praying for rain.

My heart is with you at this time.

Stay safe, know that you are loved and that we are all praying for you



Celebrating the Mini Victories

So I recently started working on my Corporate Law and Tax Exam Preparation and I wanted to share a circumstance that I found myself in.

When I was in High School I was always told if you dont undersrtand a question move onto it and come back to it at the end.

That worked for me from that point on right up until my final exam of my undergraduate degree.

I recently implemented that on a practice paper for my upcoming Corporate Law and Tax Exam, I turned page after page looking for a question that I would be comfortable starting with, long story short I ran out of pages and questions before that happened.

I realised then, some might say a little late – that I had to do this the hard way. From the beginning, question by question.

I answered all of the questions and got answers for all of them, I felt happy until I realised that I got one out of twelve calcualations correct.

I knew that if I focussed on that I would fall apart, I had to find the victory. I finished the paper. I got answers for all of the questions.

I am working on baby steps, and for me the first step is opening the exam paper.

Baby steps are still steps. Celebrate the little things, and if nobody has told you this today, you’re doing great.



I’m back

So through blessings not of my own I have managed to procure a new phone thus allowing the vlogs to continue …

P.s … I don’t know who typed that stuff above whoever she is probably is still reeling from her latest assignment .. or the Dickens Novel she finished in time for Christmas …